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Unlocking the Power of Magnetic Sticks: A Comprehensive Guide to PERMAG’s On/Off Magnetic Stick

Magnetic sticks have revolutionized the process of testing and analyzing food product samples and metal detector rejects for metal fragments. Among the high-grade magnetic sticks available, PERMAG’s On/Off magnetic stick stands out with its remarkable strength and efficiency in collecting weakly magnetic fragments and stone particles. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of magnetic sticks, focusing on PERMAG’s powerful 10,000+ gauss magnet strength and how it enhances laboratory testing for both dry and wet products.

Understanding Magnetic Sticks

Magnetic sticks, like PERMAG’s On/Off magnetic stick, are essential tools used in the food industry to ensure product safety and quality. These sticks utilize magnets to attract and retain metallic fragments from food product samples and metal detector rejects. They are designed to be highly efficient in collecting even weakly magnetic particles, providing accurate analysis and preventing potential harm to consumers.

PERMAG’s On/Off Magnetic Stick: A High-Grade Solution

PERMAG’s On/Off magnetic stick is a high-grade, high-strength magnet meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern food safety standards. With a magnet strength exceeding 10,000 gauss, this magnetic stick offers unparalleled efficiency in the collection and retention of weakly magnetic fragments and stone particles. This extraordinary strength allows for thorough testing and analysis, ensuring that the final product is free from any potentially harmful foreign objects.

Applications of PERMAG’s On/Off Magnetic Stick

  1. Food Safety Testing: PERMAG’s On/Off magnetic stick is an indispensable tool in food safety testing. It assists in identifying and eliminating metallic particles from food sample items, guaranteeing that the final product is fit for eating. The powerful magnet strength guarantees effective extraction of even the tiniest metal particles.
  2. Metal Detector Rejects Analysis: When metal detector rejects occur during the manufacturing process, the On/Off magnetic stick proves invaluable. It enables swift and efficient collection of metallic fragments from the rejected product, facilitating a detailed analysis to identify the source and prevent similar incidents in the future.
  3. Dry and Wet Product Analysis: The versatility of PERMAG’s magnetic stick is evident in its ability to function effectively in both dry and wet product environments. Whether testing dry powders or wet mixtures, the magnetic stick maintains its high performance, making it a versatile tool for various food processing scenarios.

Benefits of PERMAG’s On/Off Magnetic Stick

  1. Exceptional Magnet Strength: The outstanding 10,000+ gauss magnet strength sets PERMAG’s magnetic stick apart, ensuring thorough and efficient collection of weakly magnetic fragments and stone particles.
  2. Accurate and Reliable Results: The powerful magnet guarantees accurate analysis, allowing food manufacturers to confidently certify their products as safe and free from metal contamination.
  3. Ease of Use: The On/Off functionality of the magnetic stick simplifies the collection and removal of collected particles, making the testing process straightforward and efficient.

PERMAG’s On/Off magnetic stick with its extraordinary magnet strength of 10,000+ gauss proves to be an indispensable tool in the food industry for ensuring product safety and quality. 

Its ability to effectively collect and retain weakly magnetic fragments and stone particles sets it apart as a high-grade solution for food safety testing and metal detector rejects analysis. With this powerful magnetic stick, manufacturers can enhance their testing processes, providing consumers with safe and reliable products.

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