Plate Magnet


Magnet plate from PERMAG safeguard equipment and products from medium and fine ferrous impurities in recycling, quarrying, and heavy industries.

As a Magnetic Plate Manufacturer, PERMAG’s products effectively capture fine metal particles and slightly magnetic refuse from powdery, wet, or abrasive materials that would otherwise clog or wear cartridge-based separators. Plate magnets can be mounted in the chute, above conveyors or below conveyor driving pulleys to capture impurities that descend from open belts in a variety of industries.


Magnet Plates can be placed in existing installations with relative ease. It can be hung from a conveyor belt, connected to the wall of a product channel, or mounted beneath a moving product stream.

These Plate Magnets include hinges, locks, and mounting hardware.


Protect processing equipment from damage

Guarantees metal-free product

Saves energy usage

Reduce maintenance expenses & reduces energy usage

Reduce downtime and improve output


Magnet strength – 10000 To 12000 Gauss, variant available in magnetic gauss as per requirement.
Magnet used – Nd-Fe-B (Rare earth)

Grade – N 52M (Highest grade)

Temperature – Up to 100°C (Higher temperature version


Surface finish – Glass bead

Heavy duty hinges, latches, and mounting hardware


Designs with maximum reach and control for efficient removal of ferrous impurities

Heavy-duty locks, hinges, and handle for straightforward installation and upkeep.

All-welded structure for durability

Available in custom sizes, patterns, and mounting

Various magnetic strengths available.

Welded structure of carbon or stainless steel

What is Plate Magnet?

Plate magnet can be used to prevent damage from tramp iron in many settings. Plate magnet are ideal for eliminating ferrous impurities from free-flowing and pneumatically delivered materials, and they are particularly intended for usage in ducts, chutes, and other forms of enclosed flow lines.

Remove ferrous impurities with Permag as a Magnetic Plate Manufacturer 

Plate magnet is designed to attract and remove ferrous impurities from different types of materials, such as powders, granules, and even liquids. The plate magnets consist of a magnetic plate that is placed in a housing made of stainless steel, which protects the magnet from wear and tear and makes it easy to clean. The plate magnet’s ability to capture fine metal particles and slightly magnetic waste is due to the strong magnetic field generated by the magnet. When materials flow through the housing, the ferrous impurities are attracted to the magnetic plate, where they stick until they are removed during cleaning. Permag Products being a leading magnetic plate manufacturer in India, offers some of the best magnetic products for your business.

Overview of Plate Magnet

One of the advantages of using plate magnet over other types of separators is their ease of installation. Plate magnets can be mounted in different locations, such as in chutes or above/below conveyors, depending on the application. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries, including recycling, quarrying, and heavy industries.

Another advantage of plate magnet is their low maintenance requirements. Since there are no moving parts involved, the plate magnet require minimal maintenance and can operate continuously without interruption. This reduces downtime and increases productivity. Plate magnets are effective at removing ferrous impurities from a variety of materials, and their ease of installation and low maintenance requirements make them a reliable solution for many industries.

Permag Products offer some of the best magnetic equipment for all your magnetic needs. We offer – Plate Magnet, Grate Magnet, Hump Magnet, Magnetic Rod, Trap magnets, Magnetic Grill, Drawer Separator, Magnetic Filters and Fixturers. Additionally, we offer Magnet Audit, Magnet Testing, and Magnet Inspection for maintaining a high level of magnetic power in your magnetic equipment.

Features Of Plate Magnet

  • Designed to pick up metal debris from floors and other surfaces. 
  • Consists of a heavy-duty frame with one or more magnetic bars or plates attached to the bottom. 
  • The magnetic bars or plates create a magnetic field that attracts any metallic particles in their path, such as nails, screws, or metal shavings. 
  • The collected metal is then held in place by the magnet until it can be released manually.

Advantages of Plate Magnet

  • Efficient and effective way to quickly collect metallic particles from large areas. 
  • Can save time and reduce the risk of injury or damage caused by sharp metal debris. 
  • Easy to use and require minimal maintenance. 
  • Can be easily pushed or pulled over the floor, and the collected metal can be released with a simple mechanism. 
  • Durable and can withstand harsh environments, making them a long-lasting investment.

How plate magnet works

  • The magnetic plate’s magnetic force is stronger than the ferrous contaminants’ gravitational and inertial forces. Ferrous particles are drawn from the material flow and stick to the plate magnet.
  • When ferrous material flows over or passes near the plate magnet, its powerful magnets create a strong magnetic field.
  • Materials with ferrous contamination attract magnets. The plate’s magnetic forces attract and collect ferrous particles as the material travels across the magnetic field. The intense magnetic field magnetizes these particles.
  • Ferrous contaminants collect on the plate magnet. The magnetic field strength, material flow rate, and contaminant size and content affect accumulation.

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How do I select the appropriate plate magnet for my application?

The best plate magnet for your application will be determined by a number of parameters, including the kind and size of material being processed, the flow rate of the material, and the strength of the magnetic field required to remove contaminants. To identify the optimum magnet for your individual application, check with a magnetic separator manufacturer or supplier.

How do I install a plate magnet?

Plate magnets can be mounted in a variety of positions, including above a conveyor belt or chute, as well as in a pipeline. The magnet should be positioned in such a way that the magnetic field encompasses the whole flow of material being processed. It is critical to follow the installation instructions and safety precautions provided by the manufacturer.

How do I keep a plate magnet in good condition?

Maintaining a plate magnet properly is critical to ensuring that it continues to work efficiently. To remove any buildup of trapped particles, the magnet must be cleaned on a regular basis. It is also critical to check the strength of the magnetic field on a regular basis and repair any old or broken components. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and scheduling frequent maintenance inspections is suggested.

What are the safety precautions to take when using a plate magnet?

If not used appropriately, plate magnets might be hazardous. It is critical to follow all of the manufacturer’s safety requirements and to keep the magnet properly installed and maintained. When working with plate magnets, operators should avoid coming into touch with the magnet or any magnetic materials, and it is advised that they wear proper personal protection equipment.

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What our customers have to say about our service

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Why Choose Us
Our Magnetic Plates are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to accommodate specific operating and plant circumstances. We are one of the leading magnetic plate manufacturers in India. Magnetic plates are frequently used to remove tramp iron such as bolts, nuts, bits of wire, nails, and other random pollution from free-flowing materials in order to safeguard the plant from damage caused by bits of iron. Plate Magnets can be manufactured in a variety of strengths to enhance performance in a variety of depth product streams.

Magnet Plates are suitable for usage in chutes and in suspension above transported products. A Plate Magnet installed on the bottom side of a chute will give maximum protection when the product passes through the powerful magnetic circuit. The magnetic field projects from the Plate Magnet’s face into the product stream, attracting ferrous impurities to the magnet face. The magnetic field on a Plate Magnet is strongest at the surface and weakens as you travel away from it.

Plate Magnets are ideal for removing tramp iron from moving material in chutes, ducts, spouts, or on conveyor belts, screens, and feed trays. Whether the material is plastic or paper pulp, food or fertilizer, oilseeds or grains, the end result is guaranteed machine protection and iron-free finished products. The better the separation results, the shallower the product stream. For easy installation and maintenance, heavy quality factory constructed hinges, handles, and locking latches are included. If the object does not come into touch with the magnet, plate magnets hanging over delivered products can have a flat face design.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.