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Magnetic door catcher/ magnetic door closer can be fitted in doors of different offices, homes and hotels to ensure their smooth opening and closing. We make magnetic door catches in multiple sizes and shapes according to customer’s requirement.

Magnetic door catches are a straightforward, yet very efficient solution for mitigating the risk of falls. These devices function by maintaining the position of swing doors in an open state, allowing individuals to enter doorways without the need to manually hold the doors. Magnetic Door Catcher or Magnetic Door Closer have the capability to be independently placed or used in conjunction with a door magnet post. Magnetic door closer have the capability to be affixed to many surfaces, including the wall, ceiling, or floor.

Features of Magnetic Door Catcher


  • Small and easy to install devices that use a magnet.

  • Hold a door in place or help it close more smoothly. 

  • TAvailable in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various door types and frames.

Advantages of Magnetic Door Catcher


  • Easy to install, requiring no complex hardware or tools. 

  • They can prevent doors from slamming shut, reducing noise and potential damage to the door frame. 

  • Additionally, they help to keep doors securely closed, improving privacy and security.

How Magnetic Door Catcher works


  • Magnetic door catchers and closers work based on the principles of magnetism. 

  • A magnet is mounted on the door or door frame, which creates a magnetic field that holds the door in place or assists in closing it. 

  • When the door is pushed or pulled, the magnet’s strength is overcome, allowing the door to open or close. 

  • The magnet then pulls the door back into place or slows its movement to prevent it from slamming shut

What is Magnetic Door Catcher?

A magnetic door catcher is a device used for the purpose of maintaining a door in either an open or closed position, or for restricting the extent to which a door can be opened. Door holders are commonly constructed from materials such as metal or plastic, and they can exist in either a permanent or temporary form. Magnetic Door Closer provides a variety of functions. In high wind situations, such as on a balcony, door stoppers can serve the purpose of preventing the door from forcefully closing.

 Why Choose Permag Products for Magnetic Door Catchers?

Our collection includes options that provide the optimal level of security for residential and commercial applications. Crafted with a robust magnet and a durable stainless steel casing, together with an iron catch plate that has been nickel plated, thereby guaranteeing exceptional quality and extended lifespan. This selection of magnets possesses robust and durable qualities, rendering them suitable for securing many types of doors, including cabinet doors, furniture doors, pantry doors, French doors and closet doors. The magnetic door catcher is well-suited for application in various domestic spaces such as bedrooms, baths, kitchens, closets, cupboards, cabinet doors, drawers, and sliding doors or windows.

Keep your doors secure with Magnetic Door Closer

Magnetic door catcher and magnetic door closer use a magnet to hold a door in place or to help it close more smoothly. These devices are often used on cabinet doors or other small doors that do not require a latch or lock. They are typically easy to install and can help keep doors securely closed. Magnetic door catcher and magnetic door closer are designed to hold doors in place or to help them close more smoothly. They can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, homes, and hotels.

Advantages of Magnetic Door Closer

One advantage of magnetic door catcher and magnetic door closers is their ease of installation. They can be easily fitted into existing doors, without the need for complex hardware or tools. They are also available in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of doors and door frames.

Magnetic door catchers and magnetic door closer can help to prevent doors from slamming shut, which can be noisy and potentially damaging to the door frame. They can also help to ensure that doors stay securely closed, which can be important for privacy and security. Magnetic door catchers and magnetic door closer are a simple and effective solution for improving the function and durability of doors in a variety of settings.

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How is a Magnetic Door Catcher installed?

Installation is usually simple. The metal plate is attached to the door, and the magnetic part is attached to the door frame or vice versa. Most catchers come with screws or adhesive for easy mounting.

How strong are Magnetic Door Catchers?

The strength varies by design and intended use. Some are designed for light interior doors, while others can handle heavy exterior doors. It’s essential to choose a catcher that matches your door’s weight and usage.

How do I maintain or clean the Magnetic Door Catcher?

Maintenance is minimal. Dusting the catcher occasionally and ensuring the magnet is free from debris will ensure its longevity and functionality. If the catcher starts to lose its strength, it might need replacement.

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Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.