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The letter holding magnet manufactured by PERMAG are very suitable for securely holding metal or acrylic strips in place while assembling channel letters. The object effectively secures metal in position during the curing process of the glue. We provide durable and user-friendly letter holding magnet of superior quality. Cylindrical letter holding magnets designed with hold-on knobs are considered optimal for facilitating simple grip and enhancing user-friendliness.

The design of the letter holding magnet facilitates efficient and effortless repositioning. These handle magnets offer a time-saving solution by securely fastening channel letter trim caps during assembly on metal tables. The construction of the product is characterized by its durable and strong steel composition. Ideal for establishments specializing in the production and distribution of metal signs. The Letter Holding Magnet possesses the convenient attribute of being readily adaptable and capable of being used multiple times.

What is Letter Holding Magnet?

Letter holding magnet, also known as magnetic clips or magnetic holders, are tiny devices that use magnetic attraction to hold paper, notes, or other lightweight objects to a metal surface. Commonly used in offices, classrooms, and residences to secure documents or reminders to magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces.

These magnets are typically composed of a small, flat magnet with a decorative or functional cap that serves as a means to adhere paper or other materials. The top may have a clip-style design or a more intricate shape, such as an animal, a flower, or a motif.

Features of Letter Holding Magnet

There are various sizes, shapes, and intensities of letter-holding magnet available. The magnet’s strength dictates how many pages of paper or how much weight it can securely hold. Consider the following factors when selecting letter holder magnet:

Strength – Check the magnet’s strength to ensure it can hold the objects you intend to affix without slipping or falling off.

Size – Choose a size that meets your requirements. Magnets of a smaller size may be appropriate for holding a single sheet of paper, whereas magnets of a larger size can hold multiple sheets or thicker materials.

Design – Choose a design that matches your preferences or the aesthetics of the area in which you intend to use the magnets. Some options may be strictly utilitarian, whereas others may be more decorative.

Usage – Consider where you will utilize the magnets. Depending on whether you need them for a classroom, office, or kitchen, the size and strength specifications may vary.

Durability – Choose magnets that are well-made and resilient, as they will be subjected to frequent use.

Safety – Keep in mind that ingesting magnets can be hazardous, particularly for children and animals. Choose securely encapsulated magnets to prevent accidental ingestion.

Ensure that the surface you use to affix letter-holding magnets is metal before using them. Whiteboards, refrigerators, filing cabinets, and some bulletin boards are common surfaces. Avoid using them on non-magnetic surfaces, as they will not adhere.

Overall, letter holding magnet are flexible and useful instruments for organizing and displaying paper documents and light objects on metal surfaces.

Why choose Permag for Letter Holding Magnet

The letter holding magnets from PERMAG have shown to be very effective in keeping metal or acrylic strips in place during the assembly of channel letters. Magnets play a significant function in facilitating a regulated and precise assembly process by holding components in place while adhesives cure.

The PERMAG letter holding magnets offer a dependable option for those engaged in the channel-letter assembly industry. Their ability to hold precisely, their versatility, and the robustness of their design all contribute to a more efficient assembly procedure and a higher quality final product. These magnets provide a simple and efficient method for maintaining proper alignment and stable material placement while working with metal signage, acrylic displays, and other similar applications.

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Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.