Pharmaceutical Industry

Magnetic separators manufacturers PERMAG meet and exceed pharmaceutical industry standards for quality, performance, and reliability. From raw material goods in to final product goods out, our magnetic separators are employed at all phases of pharmaceutical powders, granules, slurries, and pastes processing. We provide metal contamination removal equipment for gravity, mechanical, and pneumatic conveying systems.

Based on the needs of our customers, we build products that will meet the demands of the industry in which they operate and the materials they handle, while also fitting within the existing layout of their facilities. We also offer contract design and manufacturing services to leading OEMs worldwide through exclusive agreements. We are a leading supplier of magnetic separators, bespoke magnets and magnet pharmaceutical components for rising industrial applications. We also have products that provide solutions for  Sugar processingfoodChemicalAutomobile, and Plastic Industries.


Product range in Pharmaceutical Industry

Rod magnet

Magnetic Rods

Permag Products Magnetic Separators

Drawer Type Magnetic Grill

Permag Products Deep Reach Separator

Deep Reach Separator

Magnetic Grill

Magnetic Grill

Permag Digital Gaussmeter

Digital Gaussmeter

Permag Prodcuts trap magnets

Magnetic 'T' Trap

Permag Prodcuts Magnetic Plate

Plate Magnet

Bullet Magnet

Bullet Magnet

Permag Products magnetic stick

Magnet Stick ON/OFF Type

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What our customers have to say about our service

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Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide services to top pharmaceutical manufacturing firms who want to expand their business and produce high-quality pharmaceuticals in order to remain at the top of the Pharma market. PERMAG offers high-end drug formulations and quality medicine manufacturing facilities to their partner companies at extremely reasonable pricing in order to maintain them competitive in today’s market. We also offer metal detectors for pharmaceuticals manufacturing businesses. We ensure our clients’ confidentiality of all information while retaining excellence in all of our initiatives.

PERMAG products are used by renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Hetero Drugs, Divis Labs, USV Pharma, Abbott, Emcure Pharma, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Ranbaxy, Brown & Burk Pharma, Novartis, and others.