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PERMAG’S Magnetic sheet fanners also known as magnetic sheet separators efficiently and safely separate stakes of greasy sheets. This avoids the risk of damage to the part or injury to the operator that could be incurred by prying apart each sheet individually. The magnetic field is so strong that it pulls the sheets away from each other by themselves. The variety of mounting configurations available is a direct result of the modular design.

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It is highly recommended that you get a magnetic sheet fanner if the production of the goods at your company involves the usage of steel stock. When steel sheets are cut and shaped, it can create a filthy environment. They may build up oil or grease, which would lead them to become adhered to one another. You can use a magnetic sheet fanner instead of manually separating the sheets, though, if you choose.

Magnetic sheet fanners are magnetic devices that are meant to separate steel sheets. These devices are also sometimes referred to as magnetic sheet separators. They produce a strong magnetic field that is capable of separating sheets composed of ferromagnetic materials such as steel. The magnetic field will, in effect, pull the individual steel sheets further and further apart from one another.


  • Magnet sheet fanners make use of this phenomenon to split steel sheets into individual layers.
  • In addition to the magnetic sheet fanner, steel sheets are stacked nearby.
  • The top steel sheet will be disassembled and removed by the magnetic sheet fanner.
  • By utilizing a magnetic sheet fanner, one can prevent harm to their machines.
  • When exposed to oil or grease, steel sheets have the potential to become tacky.
  • It is more efficient to use a magnetic sheet fanner. The steel sheets will be separated by themselves mechanically.
  • Utilizing a magnetic sheet fanner is a method that offers a higher level of protection. It does away with the requirement of manually separating the items.
  • A magnetic field will be produced by the magnetic sheet fanner, which will cause the steel sheets to be automatically separated.
Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Optimize your process with magnetic equipment catered to your specific application. Know more from our experts.

Why Choose Us
When it comes to magnetic strengths as well as precision in dimensioning, Permag’s magnetic rods are among the best in the world. We are one of the best magnetic rod manufacturers and magnetic rod suppliers in India. Magnetic Rods are either high-intensity rare earth magnets or hard ferrite ceramic magnets. It is also possible to tailor the overall structure of the magnetic grills to the dimensions and specifications provided by the customer. These magnetic rods are at the core of both our Magnetic grills and Magnetic Filters; they are optimized to manage high flow rates and high levels of ferrous material deposition.

The Magnetic Rods will be simple to clean, there will be no costs associated with their maintenance, and they will save costly shutdowns and delays for equipment farther down the process line. No power expense. The installation of these Rods helps to improve product quality, which in turn increases product value, and contributes to compliance with FDA rules and the regulations of other governments and customers regarding iron contamination levels.