Magnet Testing

If you are looking to maintain your Magnetic Equipment, you must conduct Magnet Testing very frequently. A metal’s magnetic properties can be quickly and easily determined using the magnet test. The metal is tested by bringing a magnet close to it to check if it attracts the magnet. Whether or not the metal can be taken up by the magnet depends on its magnetic properties.

Need For Magnet Testing

Each year, you should inspect and test your separators and metal detectors to identify any potential problems with their operation. Permanent magnets can last for many years without any problems if you use them properly. However, magnetic equipment’s performance might shift with age, design, product type, operating conditions, wear, and impact damage.

It is crucial to conduct annual performance checks to ensure optimal security. If you need an in-depth evaluation and certification for audit purposes, our devoted service staff is here to help. The next step is a written report that can be presented as proof in case of an outside audit. If necessary, we can bring our magnet upgrades and repair services right to you. We have a manufacturing plant where more complex repairs can be done.   

How does Magnet Testing Help?

The metal’s inability to attract the magnet indicates that it lacks magnetic properties. Iron, nickel, and cobalt are all examples of ferromagnetic metals, and the magnet test is commonly used to tell them apart from nonmagnetic metals like aluminum, copper, and gold. Although most ferromagnetic metals have a significant attraction to magnets, others do not, and some non-ferromagnetic metals can have a weak attraction to magnets if they contain even trace levels of magnetic impurities.

Therefore, other more exact testing methods may be required in some circumstances, as the magnet test is not always a conclusive approach for evaluating a metal’s magnetic characteristics. 

Permag Products for Magnet Testing

Permag Products is a prominent organization specializing in the provision of magnet testing services for magnetic equipment. The process of magnet testing includes the application of many tests to evaluate the strength, durability, and general quality of the magnets. This service facilitates the evaluation of the performance of magnets under diverse settings and the detection of any flaws or anomalies that may affect their functionality.

The team of professionals at Permag Products conducts magnet testing utilizing advanced instruments and methodologies to achieve precise and dependable outcomes. In order to assess the performance and quality of magnets, several aspects such as strength, temperature stability, and magnetic field dispersion are subjected to rigorous testing.

We are a reputable provider of magnet testing services that assist clients in verifying the performance and dependability of their magnetic equipment. For a comprehensive understanding of the magnet audit and its associated advantages, we kindly encourage you to visit our website. Permag products offer a comprehensive magnet audit service to optimize the magnetic properties of your company’s products. 

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