Magnet Testing

Magnet Audit

Magnetic equipment needs to be tested, inspected, and audited frequently. If you care about the well-being of your Magnetic Equipment, you must do this. A magnet audit is required for reliable magnetic strength and measurement readings.

An audit of a magnet’s magnetic fields entails taking readings and analyzing the results. In most cases, this is done to spot any problems or threats with the magnet before they become serious issues and to guarantee the magnet’s safe and effective operation. Magnet audits are widespread in fields where magnets are used extensively, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and research.

Magnet audit & validations/verifications are essential to understanding the effectiveness of your magnetic separators in reducing metal contamination risks, removal metal from food processing lines, and increasing food safety of your final product. 

Need for Magnet Audit

To maintain optimal performance, monitoring magnet strength and detection accuracy with Magnet Audit, a quality control tool, is crucial. If you need a magnet or metal detector checked out, you may schedule an inspection or validation here.

Implementing and maintaining a magnet programme in a way that benefits the process as a whole is crucial. Along with routine cleaning and inspection, regularly checking the magnet’s strength is essential for maintaining trust in the production line. A calibrated Gaussmeter should be used for the verification at least once a year.

Test probes should be used by qualified persons to determine the level of efficacy. Your facility will be able to provide evidence that it has recognised potential dangers, established preventative controls for those hazards, and is monitoring those controls to make sure they are working properly thanks to the information provided in the magnet audit report. 

How does the Magnet Audit Help?

An audit of a magnet begins with a preliminary inspection of the magnet in question. The first step is to learn as much as possible about the magnet, including its dimensions, shape, and strength, as well as any risks involved with using it.

The next thing to do is to analyze the danger level of the magnet. To do so, we must first determine if the magnet presents any dangers, such as magnetic fields that could disrupt other equipment or endanger workers.

Make sure everything is operational before beginning the magnet audit. Both the digital gaussmeter (which measures magnetic fields) and any necessary protective gear (PPE) will need to be brought along for the audit.

In order to conduct a full fleshed Magnet Audit, its magnetic fields must be measured. A digital gaussmeter, an instrument developed specifically for this purpose, is used. To determine the intensity and orientation of the magnetic field, the digital gaussmeter is stationed at various distances from the magnet.

After collecting data on the magnet’s magnetic field strength, the magnet’s performance can be evaluated. This includes thinking about the magnet’s intended use and comparing the observed magnetic fields to recognised safety norms and regulations.

At the end of the magnet audit, a report is written up detailing what was discovered. Information on the magnet, the results of the risk analysis, the magnetic field measurements, and any suggestions for enhancing the magnet’s safety and efficiency should all be included in this report.

Permag Products for Magnet Audit

Permag Products’ expert staff conducts magnet audits with the use of cutting-edge machinery and tried-and-true procedures to guarantee accurate results. In order to determine the condition and performance of the magnets, a number of factors, including their strength, temperature stability, and magnetic field distribution, are assessed.

The magnet audit services offered by Permag Products are well regarded in the industry. When magnets are used in a system or application, an audit can be performed to determine how well they are functioning and whether or not they need to be replaced. 

The Magnet Audit service aids in the discovery of any defects or anomalies that may impair the magnets’ performance and provides recommendations for addressing these issues. We also take into account a wide range of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of corrosive chemicals, that may affect the magnets’ efficiency.

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