Month: May 2022

Magnetic separators industry applications

Magnetic separators – Industry Applications (Part 1)

Introduction to Magnetic Separators Have you ever thought about how the massive manufacturing plants keep their products and machines free from contaminants? How is your food reliably tasty and safe? How the medicine you use is protected from impurities? The answer is Magnetic Separators. Magnetic separators use magnetic power to extract ferrous contaminants and help …

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Gauss Meter

Testing of Magnetic Equipment using a Gauss Meter

Gauss meter measurements use the Hall effect as the measuring principle. The sensor captures the magnetic flux density that is perpendicular to the sensor plane.Hence, the magnetic field generates an output voltage on the sensor, which is proportional to the product of the magnetic field strength and the induced current. Procedure for measurement on a …

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magnetic separator different types

Magnetic Separator : Different types

There are many types of magnetic separator available in the market today. But which of these is suitable for your application? That question can be answered upon closer inspection of the separators. Separators can be classified according to various parameters: Structure of the separator Type of material input Magnetic field strength Type of magnetic field …

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Magnetic history

History of Magnets

Different cultures from around the world have a rich history of magnets. People discovered this strange magnetic power and adapted it for different applications. Although magnets were first discovered a long time ago, we discovered their technical applications in relatively modern times. Here is a list of the experiences people had in different regions: Greece:  Around …

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