Magnetic Field

What is a Magnetic Field?

What is a Magnetic Field?

It is the region around the magnet, magnetic object, or an electric charge in which magnetic force is exerted.

In simple terms, it is the imaginary area around the magnets in which any other magnetic object experiences a force of attraction or repulsion.

What makes a Magnetic Field?

It is produced when a negatively charged electrons move around in specific ways. 

How do we measure a Magnetic Field?

The strength of the field is different at different points. We measure it by its strength and the direction it points. Magnetic fields can be large, strong, small, and weak. The geomagnetic field of earth is large but weak.

Physical proximity is an essential criterion in magnetism. The closer you stand to a magnet, stronger the force of magnet will be and vice versa. A magnetometer is the device that measures the strength of a magnetic field.

What units do we use to measure the strength of a Magnetic Field?

The SI unit used to measure the strength of the field is measured in Tesla. One of the other units used to measure magnetic field strength is Gauss. Gauss meter is used to measure this strength.

Does magnetic field penetrate more than just air?

Magnetic forces can pass through a sheet of paper, cardboard, wood, concrete, or glass. The forces of a magnetic can penetrate water too, and many other substances, even a human hand.

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