Magnetic Door Closers

How Magnetic Door Catchers Keep Your Doors Secure

Magnetic door catchers also known as Magnetic door closer are an increasingly common sort of door security lock in recent years. These catchers employ magnetic force to keep doors securely closed, and they are gaining popularity in both homes and businesses.

Magnetic Door Catchers are an affordable and easy way to avoid injuries from falling. They function by holding open swinging doors, allowing the user to enter the entryway without having to use both hands.

This simple device’s uniqueness makes it a vital feature of cabinet doors in houses, storage spaces, laboratories, and locker rooms. As the system is so easy to use and set up, it has become standard in many buildings with several doors that see heavy traffic.

What’s a magnetic door catcher?

Magnetic door catchers are a hardware-free way of securing doors’ closure. They are fitted on the inside of the door by attaching a magnet to the cabinet’s frame and a catch plate to the door. Even though they hold doors securely in place, it requires no effort to open the door and detach it from the magnet.

Magnets are available in a variety of shapes, some of which resemble the catch plate’s flat, magnetized metal surface. In other instances, it may be encased in plastic with flanges on three sides and screw holes for securing the magnet. The type and composition of the magnet are determined by the type of door being locked.

The type of magnetic door closer is mostly determined by the type of door. Thin-material doors may not be able to hold an encapsulated magnet, necessitating the use of a flat magnet adhered to the door. Magnets and catch plates of a bigger size can be used with doors made of wood, strong plastic, or metal.

Benefits of Magnetic Door Lock 

Magnetic door catchers have numerous advantages over conventional door locks. One of the key advantages is that they are really simple to install. In contrast to conventional locks, which typically require professional installation, magnetic door catchers can be fitted easily. This can allow you to save money on installation and quickly secure your door.

Another advantage of magnetic door catchers is their high level of security. They are far more difficult to break or pick than conventional locks since they rely on magnetic force to keep the door shut. This reduces the likelihood that intruders will be able to breach your door, giving you peace of mind and enhancing the security of your property.

Uses of Magnetic Door catchers

Magnetic door catchers are flexible in that they may be used in a wide variety of situations due to their design, durability, efficiency, and simplicity. They are typically installed on doors that are composed of lightweight materials that cannot support heavy latches or do not need them.

Very common in workplace supply closets, which must be kept locked at all times for safety concerns despite frequent opening and closing during the day. They serve a dual purpose in commercial and domestic kitchens by both keeping doors closed and looking nice. They can be swung open and closed quickly and easily, making them ideal for certain situations.

Magnetic door stops are reliable and effective in a wide variety of settings. This is what makes them the ideal component for cupboard and cabinet doors.

Benefits of Magnetic catchers

Magnetic catchers offer various advantages over other types of door locks, in addition to their security features. One of the key advantages is their simplicity of use. Due to its magnetic operation, they take very little force to open or close, making them perfect for individuals with mobility concerns or disabilities.

Another benefit of magnetic catchers is that they are quite resilient. In contrast to conventional locks, which can degrade over time and necessitate frequent maintenance, magnetic catchers are constructed to survive for many years with no service. This allows you to enjoy greater security and peace of mind without worrying about recurring maintenance expenditures.

How to Choose the Most Effective Front Door Security Locks

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the most effective front door security locks. The required level of security is the first consideration. You may want to consider a smart lock or deadbolt if you live in a high-crime area or if you need to protect precious belongings.

Another element to consider is installation simplicity. If you are not familiar with do-it-yourself jobs, you may want to choose a lock that is simple for a professional to install. Alternately, if you are handy and prefer DIY projects, you may want to search for a lock that is simple to install yourself.

Finally, you should assess the lock’s whole price. While security should be your primary priority, you should also consider your budget and opt for a lock that provides excellent value. Magnetic door closer are typically quite inexpensive, making them a fantastic option for those on a budget who nevertheless desire better door security.


Magnetic door catchers are a cost-effective means of enhancing the security of your doors. They are simple to install, sturdy, and provide greater security than conventional locks. 

If you are seeking a cost-effective method to secure your doors, a magnetic door catcher may be the ideal solution. When making a final decision, make carefully to evaluate your security demands, installation requirements, and budget.

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