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Exploring the Functionality and Benefits of Magnetic Drawer Separators

Drawer separators serve as a magnetic screen, separating ferromagnetic (steel) contaminants from the filtered material. These separators feature two or more cartridge containers containing powerful magnetic cartridges. To enhance the contact between the product stream and the magnetic cartridges, the trays are staggered.

The material being processed travels from one cartridge tray to the next in a zigzag pattern. This zigzag motion maximizes the material’s exposure to the magnetic field and facilitates the elimination of ferrous contamination. As the product stream passes through the separator, the strong magnets attract and capture any steel impurities present.

Drawer magnetic separators are especially useful for removing medium and fine ferrous contaminants from dried, free-flowing materials. They are strategically placed at critical locations in the production process to ensure that metal contamination is effectively removed, thereby protecting the product’s quality. 

Benefits of Magnetic Drawer Separators

Ferrous Contaminant Removal 

Removing ferrous impurities from items like grains, polymers, chemicals, minerals, and food goods is the main purpose of magnetic drawer separators. These impurities, which may include metal fragments, iron nails, screws, or other magnetic impurities, can impact the final product’s quality and purity.

Magnetic Field Generation

Magnetic drawer separators are made up of a number of magnetic grids or tubes that are organized in a housing that resembles a drawer. Strong magnetic fields are produced by rare earth magnets and other potent magnetic components in these tubes or grids. Ferrous contaminants are drawn to the magnetic grids or tubes and are retained there when the material passes through the drawer.

High Magnetic Strength

Magnetic drawer separators are made to produce a strong magnetic field, which ensures the removal of ferrous pollutants with ease. The kind and arrangement of the magnetic components employed in the separator affect the magnetic field’s strength. Even small and weakly magnetic particles can be effectively separated by strong magnetic fields.

Customizable Configuration 

Magnetic drawer separators are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit varying material flow rates, particle sizes, and installation requirements. To reach the appropriate level of separation efficiency, they can be modified with various numbers of magnetic tubes or grids.

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

Magnetic drawer separators are comparatively simple to install in current material handling systems, and they require little maintenance. They can be included in hoppers, chutes, pipelines, and pneumatic or gravity-conveying systems. Additionally, maintenance is inexpensive and usually only entails routine cleaning of the magnetic grids or tubes to release ferrous particles that have been collected.

Protection of Downstream Equipment

By successfully removing ferrous pollutants, magnetic drawer separators aid in preventing damage from metal particles downstream 

like crushers, mills, mixers, and packing machines. This lowers maintenance expenses, equipment downtime, and the risk of product contamination.

Improved Product Quality 

A greater degree of product purity and quality is ensured by the removal of ferrous impurities utilizing magnetic drawer separators. This is crucial for sectors including food processing, medicines, and chemicals since even minute metal contaminants can cause products to be rejected, endanger consumer safety, or fail to meet regulatory requirements.

Safety and compliance

By preventing ferrous pollutants from entering sensitive regions or processing equipment, magnetic drawer separators improve workplace safety. In industries with strict hygiene and safety restrictions, they help in achieving regulatory standards and quality control needs.

To Sum Up

By removing ferrous impurities, these separators help prevent damage to apparatus and equipment further down the production line, thereby reducing maintenance costs and production downtime.

PERMAG‘s drawer separator offers strong magnetic separation which is appropriate for mechanical and gravity flow applications across various industries. In order to separate medium and fine ferrous contamination from dry, free-flowing materials, magnetic separators are crucial. In order to assure product quality, remove metal contamination from product streams, and prevent machine damage, magnetic separators are designed to be installed at key points.

High-power magnetic cartridges that are set up in setups of two or more staggered cartridge trays are used in magnetic drawer separators to increase interaction with the product stream. To ensure that the maximum amount of ferrous contamination is removed, the material flows in a zigzag pattern from one cartridge tray to the next.

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