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5 advantages of Using Lifting and Handling Magnets for Safe and Easy Material Handling

A lifting magnet is a magnet-equipped tool for moving heavy objects. While magnets can be found in a variety of gadgets, lifting magnets are made for just that purpose. A lifting magnet can support big weights, is simpler to operate than a hoist, can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch, doesn’t require energy, and can increase worker safety.

Magnetic technology, the foundation of our lifting and handling systems, is failsafe and produces excellent results. Applying magnets to lifting and handling provides the safest, most efficient method of moving ferrous masses, making it suitable for applications ranging from light pick and place or robots to large steel stock transportation.

Material handling in many different industries can be made much simpler and safer with the help of lifting and handling magnetic devices. To move, lift, and manipulate ferromagnetic materials like iron, steel, and other magnetic metals, magnetic equipment employs the principles of magnetism. These tools are meant to make the material handling process easier, safer, and more productive. 

Benefits of Using Lifting and Handling Magnets 

A lifting magnet is a specific type of magnet that is capable of producing a magnetic field that is more robust than that of a typical magnet. This is due to the fact that they are constructed out of alloys and rare-earth metals such as ferrite. These lifting magnets have uses in a variety of industries for the purpose of lifting metallic products or other types of heavy materials.

Here are the benefits of using a lifting magnet exactly:

Simple, Safe Operation

Lifting and Handling magnets are ready to use in a second. Instant on/off action engages and releases the load so that more lifts can be done per hour. One of the best things about using lifting and handling magnets is that they make workers safer. By getting rid of or reducing the need to move heavy and possibly dangerous materials by hand, workplace injuries like strains, sprains, and crushing accidents are less likely to happen.

Single Person or Automated Use

Magnetic lifters require little in the way of training for a single operator to utilize safely and effectively. The automated systems, such pick-and-place or assembly lines, can benefit from our magnetic handling solutions. Magnetic lifting and handling devices relieve workers of strenuous physical labor. Workers will experience less fatigue and enjoy better health as a result of this change, especially in jobs that require frequent or heavy lifting.

Precision Lifting

Secure, instant contact makes sure the load doesn’t move and the lift is placed correctly. Material handling procedures can benefit from the use of lifting and handling magnets since they are simple to operate and install. They can be easily incorporated into pre-existing processes because of their portability and the speed with which they can be attached to appropriate equipment.

Optimized Storage Space

In situations when storage space is at a premium, like when dealing with steel stock, our magnetic lifters really shine. When using a magnetic lift, you need access to only one side of the load, which makes stacking and back-to-back storage possible.

Load Protection

Single-face engagement with no movement or slippage ensures that the finished product will not be damaged, making it suitable for painted or coated surfaces. Magnets for lifting and handling with the appropriate surface coatings can prevent material injury during handling. This is especially advantageous when handling fragile or expensive items.


Magnets for lifting are useful material handling equipment that can easily convey a variety of ferromagnetic materials, including rods, scraps, large blocks, and thin sheets. In lieu of traditional hoists, harnesses, or chains operated by multiple people, lifting magnets can increase overall production efficiency by requiring only one person to operate the lifting task with greater accessibility. 

The primary concern is to safely elevate, move, and release the load, and to do so, the device must be precisely stated and applied. If the operator is uncertain about the application, he or she must promptly stop the lifting job and consult an expert or product supplier before proceeding.

Magnetic lifters can be a quality and productivity-enhancing option. In many situations, it is not necessary to drill and tap holes in metals in order to affix eye bolts for transportation. Upon completion of the work, these holes must frequently be refilled and the loads resurfaced, which would increase the product’s price and lengthen the operation.

Despite the numerous advantages, it is essential to use magnetic handling equipment correctly and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and efficient operation. In addition, it is essential to evaluate the material’s properties and weights in order to determine the appropriate magnetic apparatus for each task. Regular maintenance and inspections are also required to ensure the continued efficacy and safety of the equipment.

Permag for Magnet Lifting and Handling Equipment

Magnetic holding and lifting are useful and important in a variety of industries. The lifting magnets are based on fail-safe magnetic technology that provides speed, accuracy, and efficiency while ensuring the highest level of safety. Applications for lifting magnets range from light pick-and-place or robotics to hefty steel stock movement. Magnets provide the safest and most efficient means for moving ferrous loads in lifting and handling applications involving steel.

Permag Products holding magnet and lifting magnet offer a cost-effective and ergonomic solution to multiple problems in the automotive, cattle feed, and recycling industries, among others. Additionally, our highly-skilled engineering professionals assist you in custom-designing solutions to your requirements. 

Being one of the best Industry leaders of magnetic manufacturing equipment, Permag Products manufactures high-quality magnetic equipment, supporting various industries with advanced technology. We also provide our expertise in Magnet Audit, Magnet Inspection and Magnet Testing. In addition, consider our magnetic separators and magnetic instruments.

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