Magnetic Door Closers

How Magnetic Door Closers Improve Safety and Security?

If you want to ensure the security of your entry points, it requires effort, investment, and strategic thinking. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool new tools out there that can help you out. 

The use of magnetic door catches and latches is one way to improve the functionality of your door closures. These gadgets, which employ powerful magnets to keep your doors locked, offer a dependable and secure method of doing so. They also serve as a beneficial security measure by discouraging would-be burglars from breaking and entering your home.

Devices that use a magnetic force to ensure a door closes securely are known as magnetic door closers or electromagnetic door closers. They have been increasingly popular in recent years because of the many advantages they provide in terms of safety and security, and are used often in both business and residential settings.

In this blog, we will explore how magnetic door closers improve safety and security in various settings.

Prevent unauthorized access

The use of a magnetic door catcher can help keep unwanted visitors out. Unauthorized people or intruders can more easily obtain access to a building or room if doors are left unlocked. Magnetic door closers ensure that doors close automatically, protecting the building from intruders and increasing safety.

Reduce the risk of theft.

When there’s a lot at stake, like in a store, it’s good to have a magnetic door closing. Shoplifters can’t sneak in and out of the store undetected if the doors close with sufficient force and security. This is especially crucial in larger establishments where it might be challenging to keep track of all the customers coming in and going out.

Improve Fire Safety

Magnetic door closers also increase safety in the event of a fire. Doors that are left open during a fire can let smoke and flames spread quickly, trapping individuals inside. By closing doors automatically in the case of a fire, magnetic door closers help to limit the damage and increase the likelihood of a successful escape.

Improve availability

Magnetic door closers are another helpful accessibility device, especially for those with mobility impairments. People who use wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility aids have an easier time entering and leaving a building or room that has magnetic door closers installed because the doors close automatically when they are no longer in use. This has the potential to make the building more accommodating to a wider variety of users.

Enhance energy efficiency

Magnetic door closers are another tool for saving power. Doors that are left open can cause a large amount of heat loss or gain, depending on the time of year. A less pleasant indoor climate and greater energy bills are two potential outcomes. Magnetic door closers guarantee that doors close tightly and securely, minimizing air leakage and thus increasing energy efficiency.

How Magnetic Door Closers Work

Automatic door closure is guaranteed by magnetic door closers, which employ a magnet and a spring to complete the job. The door closer’s arm is fastened to the door, while the magnet is secured to the doorframe. 

The magnet is disengaged and the door can swing open when it is opened. After being released, the door will close securely thanks to the magnet’s pull on the door catcher’s arm.

Benefits of Magnetic Door Closers

Increased Safety – Magnetic door closers are a great way to increase the safety of any business or room by closing doors behind people when they leave. They deter burglars and prevent unauthorized entry by having doors that close automatically.

Improved Fire Safety – Smoke and flames can quickly spread through a building if doors are left open during a fire. Automatic magnetic door closers assist control fire and increase the likelihood of a successful evacuation.

Energy Efficiency – A large amount of heat can be lost or gained through open doors, depending on the season. By ensuring that doors close tightly and securely, magnetic door closers help to reduce heat loss and gain between a building’s interior and exterior.

Accessibility – The installation of magnetic door closers can help make a building more accessible for persons of all abilities. People who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids have an easier time entering and leaving a building or room that has magnetic door closers installed because the doors close automatically when they are no longer in use.

Convenience – Finally, magnetic door closers provide convenience because they negate the need to close doors by hand. This is helpful in high-traffic areas where doors are constantly being opened and closed.

Installation of Magnetic Door Closers

A magnetic door closer, screws, a screwdriver, a drill (optional), and a measuring tape are all you need to get the job done.

The first thing to do is select the appropriate door closer and decide where to install it. The mounting bracket is then screwed into place while held against the door frame.

Screw the door closer to the mounting bracket once you’ve installed it. Make sure the door closes securely by adjusting the closer’s tension.

Finally, you should check that the door closer is working properly by using it. Let the door close on its own to test its smoothness and ensure it locks completely.


Magnetic door closers are an easy and inexpensive method to make a space more secure without breaking the bank. Automatic door closing systems serve many purposes, including security, fire protection, ease of use, cost savings, and environmental friendliness. 

Always check with a qualified expert to make sure magnetic door closers are installed safely and in accordance with local ordinances and standards before putting them into use.

There are many security-related advantages of using magnetic door catchers. They are a great asset to any building, whether commercial or domestic, because they deter burglars, decrease the likelihood of theft, increase fire safety, improve accessibility, and lower utility costs. 

Installing a magnetic door catcher is a simple yet effective way to increase your building’s security immediately.


How secure are magnetic door locks?

Magnetic door locks can be very secure when installed correctly and used in combination with other security measures. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications where a high level of security is required. However, the strength of the magnetic force can vary depending on the type and quality of the magnetic door lock, as well as the size and weight of the door.

What is the best magnetic door closer?

The best magnetic door closer will depend on the specific requirements of your application. Some factors to consider when choosing a magnetic door closer include:

Strength of the magnetic force – Look for a door closer with a strong magnetic force to ensure that the door stays securely closed.

Durability – Choose a door closer made from high-quality materials that will withstand regular use and exposure to the elements.

Compatibility – Make sure the door closer is compatible with your specific door and frame.

Ease of installation – Look for a door closer that is easy to install or comes with clear installation instructions.

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