Top Industries Use Magnetic Product

Permag Products

Permag Products offer a wide range of separation equipment to remove ferrous contamination from dry particulates, liquids, and slurries. Our magnetic equipment are widely used in the food, pharma, chemicals, dairy, construction, plastics, minerals, textile, metal processing, pulp, paper, glass, ceramic, sugar & mining industries, etc.

Food Processing Industry

Food makers operate in an environment that is heavily regulated, so they must overcome a number of obstacles to guarantee the highest possible level of food safety and to safeguard high-value multinational corporations. i) Magnetic Rods ii) Magnetic Separator iii) Rare Earth Roll Separator


Pharmaceutical Industry

Magnetic separators manufacturers PERMAG meet and exceed pharmaceutical industry standards for quality, performance, and reliability. i) Magnetic Rods ii) Magnetic Separator iii) Magnetic Grill


Chemical Industry

Our Magnetic Separators suit the stringent requirements of chemical businesses in terms of product performance, dependability, and quality.  i) Magnetic Rods ii) Magnetic T-Trap iii) Magnetic Grill


Automobile Industry

PERMAG magnetic separators meet the stringent requirements of vehicle manufacturers in terms of product quality, performance, and guaranteed dependability. i) Magnetic Rods ii) Pot Magnet iii) Magnetic Sheet Fanner


Sugar Industry

Metal contamination in sugar refining processes can occur at any step of production due to equipment wear or engineering work. i) Magnetic Rods ii) Plate Magnet iii) Deep Reach Separator


Plastic Industry

Our plastic magnetic equipment manufacturers have been created to increase efficiency by insulating expensive process machining from potentially dangerous metal and pollutants, reducing breakdowns, and increasing productivity. i) Magnetic Rods ii) Bullet Magnet iii) Digital Gaussmeter


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