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Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation Equipment

Our magnetic separators are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile, plastic, and other processing industries. Our magnetic separators are ideal to identify and remove foreign metal contamination enter the product flow from bulk materials such as grain, powders, granules, and liquids

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Magnetic rods from PERMAG are a simple and inexpensive method of magnetic separation. PERMAG magnetic rods or neodymium rod magne

Magnetic grill from PERMAG enables effective magnetic separation for mechanical and gravity flow applications in all industries.

PERMAG’s high power liquid line Magnetic T trap & filter is designed to defend against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination in pressurized transfer lines.

Magnet plate from PERMAG safeguard equipment and products from medium and fine ferrous impurities in recycling, quarrying, and heavy industries

The Bullet magnet from PERMAG is designed with an aerodynamic shape that enables it to remove maximum ferrous contamination from pneumatic lines without impeding flow.

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