5 Most Useful  Magnetic Product for  Plastic Industry

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Plastic  Industry

Our plastic magnetic equipment manufacturers have been created to increase efficiency by insulating expensive process machining from potentially dangerous metal and pollutants, reducing breakdowns, and increasing productivity. A variety of equipment, including injection or blow molding tools (such as a grinder or an extruder), as well as grinding and extruding equipment .

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Magnetic Rods

PERMAG magnetic rods or neodymium rod magnet achieve the optimal balance between magnetic strength and holding force.

Magnetic Separator

PERMAG’s drawer type magnetic separator provides powerful magnetic separation suitable for mechanical and gravity flow applications in all industries.

Digital Gaussmeter

The digital gaussmeter/ tesla meter is internally calibrated and it measures fields from 1 gauss to 19.99 Kilogauss in two ranges, of 2K and 20K gauss full scale

Magnetic Grill 

Magnetic grill from PERMAG enables effective magnetic separation for mechanical and gravity flow applications in all industries.

Bullet Magent

The Bullet magnet from PERMAG is designed with an aerodynamic shape that enables it to remove maximum ferrous contamination from pneumatic lines without impeding flow.

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