5 Most Useful  Magnetic Product for  Chemical Industry

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Chemical Industry

Our Magnetic Separators suit the stringent requirements of chemical businesses in terms of product performance, dependability, and quality. Our separation systems are frequently used to separate tiny ferrous particles from powdered chemicals, pellet chemicals, tablets, or pastes.Magnetic separation can be employed in the chemical industry everywhere there is a potential for contamination.

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Magnetic Rods

PERMAG magnetic rods or neodymium rod magnet achieve the optimal balance between magnetic strength and holding force.

Magnetic Separator

PERMAG’s drawer type magnetic separator provides powerful magnetic separation suitable for mechanical and gravity flow applications in all industries.

Rare Earth Roll Separator

PERMAG’s Rare earth roll separator provides a unique inclined belt feeding system to maximize overall performance and efficiency.

Magnetic Grill 

Magnetic grill from PERMAG enables effective magnetic separation for mechanical and gravity flow applications in all industries.

Magnetic T Trap

PERMAG’s high power liquid line Magnetic T trap & filter is designed to defend against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination in pressurized transfer lines.

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